Five Reasons Your Company Culture Matters

If you think you don’t have a company culture than that is your culture.  You haven’t made a conscious decision to develop one.  The problem is, with many employees working from home; they need something they can identify with.  They need a True North to guide their activities, decision making and provide something bigger they can support.  Here are five reasons your company culture matters.


1.  It becomes your company identity

Your company culture is the set of norms that your employees operate within.  Are you a customer-centric culture?  Do you have an inclusive culture?  Whatever you choose your culture to be, your company becomes known for that. It becomes how your customers see you.

2.  It helps you recruit employees

Who wants to work at a company with horrible company culture?  Whether you believe it, there are no secrets anymore.  Social media has amplified employees’ voices.  Smart recruits will check out your company on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and many other professional sites to learn about your company.

Being intentional about your company culture and developing a strong culture will provide the opportunity to build an A team of employees.  It draws people to positive work environments.  A company with a great company culture will attract the best talent.  They will also be more likely to…

3.  Increases employee loyalty

Employees have lots of options.  Specifically, for certain types of talent.  Having a company culture your employees can support typically means they will be more loyal.  People are more likely to stay if they enjoy going to work every day and are treated with respect.

Without a strong company culture, your employees will have a hard time finding value in their work.  I believe everyone wants to do their best every day and add value to the company.

4.  It allows for better decision making

When you have a positive company culture driven by a True North management system, conversations about actions to take in any situation become easier.  Decisions should support the True North of your organization.

Instead of wondering what to do, employees can make decisions and communicate the best ways to support the culture.  Using the True North as a guide, every decision will support your culture.

5.  It positively affects employee performance

Identifying with the norms of the company, supporting a True North, and understanding how you add value, positively affects employee performance.  Your employees will feel part of something bigger and do their best to make sure the company succeeds.

When you understand that your company culture matters and you do everything you can to develop a great culture, your business will be unstoppable!

As always, it is an honor to serve you, and I hope that you and your company are getting better every day!

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