Great Servant Leader Communication with WFH Employees

When you have a servant leader mindset, you are there for your employees and not the other way around, it’s important to ask open-ended supportive questions.  Realize that employees are struggling with homeschooling and working from home.  Employees that live alone have had their social interactions change overnight.  I want to provide some great servant …

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Tips for Staying Focused

When you lead people, there a million opportunities to get distracted.  Phone calls, responding to e-mail.  Reading reports or deliverables from your employees.  People asking questions or complaining to you.  These tasks take a toll on staying focused on your work. Tip 1- Stay out of e-mail jail A natural tendency is to respond to …

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Tips to Learn Faster

The internet has changed how we receive and consume information.  As a leader, how many e-mails do you receive a day?  How much information do you receive daily?  Every minute of the day 47 million videos are being viewed on YouTube.  There are 480,000 tweets and 4.2 million google searches being conducted every minute.  Finally, …

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