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One of the key elements on my American Lean Weekday podcast is the weekly interviews that I conduct with companies on their Lean Journey.  These companies are from various industries and are all different sizes.  I have interviewed leaders from family-owned businesses to multi-national organizations.  This week is a little different, I share the mic with Jerry Solomon, a former VP of Operations, author, and Lean Accounting expert.

These are some key points taken from my interview with Lean accounting expert Jerry Solomon.

  1.  I was asked to move from the COO position to running operations. What a difference. I went from being a provider of information to a consumer and saw some big problems.
  2.  “We felt people in offices working on spreadsheets know better. It doesn’t work that way! I saw how excited people can get, how they want to help us solve problems”
  3.  “People want to know the score and Lean accounting helps.
  4. We did everything on our Lean journey, 5, setup reduction, then you realize you need to take it seriously. We implemented four value streams from beginning to end. Changed financial reporting.”
  5. “We empowered the people to run the business, put visuals in place.”
  6. “We tripled the growth rate in that part of the business.”

 To hear Jerry’s interview please join us on the podcast at episode fifty-two.

As always, it is an honor to serve you and I hope that you and your company are getting better every day!

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