Setting Up Your Lean Promotion Office

Your organization has developed current state and future state value stream maps.  You have identified waste opportunities that exist and have laid out your quarterly Lean Game Plan.  Now it is time to set up your Lean Promotion Office.  This is the “war room” or headquarters for all your lean communication, planning, and Rapid Improvement Events.

I realize there are thousands of ways to set up a Lean Promotion Office but I would like to provide you with some examples I have seen work well.


1.  Set it up in a Plan, Do, Check, Act format

Each wall can hold one activity of the Deming Wheel.  On the plan wall, use your Vision elements, mission statement, and your lean management system.  You can also include a DOWNTIME poster and PICK chart if you will hold rapid improvement events in this area.

2.  Have supplies in the room for Value Stream mapping.

Have supplies such as markers and stickie notes for VSM’s as well.  Make sure there is a roll of butcher paper on a holder.  You can place a whiteboard on the wall which becomes your DO wall, but your Value Stream Maps might be bigger than what a whiteboard can hold.

3.  On your Check wall show your A3’s or project charters.

For the projects in the works or upcoming in the next 90 days use a plastic holder on a wall and insert your project charters.  If you have collected baseline data from a process or work area this is a great place to include that information.

This is also where you want to include your quarterly Lean Game Plan.  This lets everyone in the organization know what Rapid Improvement Events are being held and when they are being held.

Depending upon how large your room is, you can include Rapid Improvement Event report outs.  This adds another layer of communication and success sharing with the entire organization.

4.  The Act wall includes items such as a problem resolution board, your top KPI’s, and the results from management (Gemba) walks.

Identify any open action items such as work orders, safety issues, decisions, and other actions that need to be taken.   Place the results from your monthly management walks on this board.  If there is room, you can place Standard Work for Leader activities on this wall.  This provides a visual reminder that the activites are being completed.

A lean promotion office is a must for any organization serious about true lean transformation.  It is the hub for communication and information sharing.  If possible, it should be used for Rapid Improvement Event activities.  Being in a room specific to supporting lean activities drives home the importance of the transformation.

Dedicating a place where ideas can be shared, brainstorming occurs, and creativity happens will provide huge benefits to your company.  As we continue with the Lean 101 series I will provide some pictures of Lean promotion offices that I have seen.  Hopefully, it will inspire you for developing yours!

As always it is an honor to serve you and I hope that you and your company are getting better every day!

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