Small Manufacturers Institute

This week I get to interview David Goodreau the President of the Small Manufacturers Institute and he shares their mission and passion for helping small manufacturers.

David helps design and implement programs that make manufacturers more profitable and give people a career. His 40-year work history is as a machinist, manager, entrepreneur, and a builder/collaborator of non-profits that service industry and communities. The Small Manufacturers Institute (SMI) is his current focus, building an expandable workforce strategy that solves skilled labor problems through the management of a framework of local stakeholder networks.

A life of working within small manufacturing firms as an employee, owner, and partner shape an individual and provide a credible advocate for manufacturers in the public arena. His bio speaks to the experience of understanding the problems of manufacturers, and also, the confusing web of public and private support resources.

As we read about our nation’s new commitment to America’s Manufacturer, never have we been so weak to respond to this opportunity. Forty years of decline in the industrial arts; increasing global and supply chain competition/consolidation; crippling increases in regulations and customer requirements; steady declines in participation and membership in manufacturing associations, industrial unions, and trade societies outline the challenges our organizations seek to solve.

Together with the NTMA, we founded both the Small Manufacturers Association of CA (SMA) and Small Manufacturers Institute (SMI) to give our peers a voice. There is no greater challenge our country faces than to engage the manufacturing community in the process of leadership, education, and process improvement.

Both SMI and SMA stand tall in the marketplace by reaching beyond our own needs to better understand and develop strategies that will work at getting the manufacturers to participate. No government program, incentive, or motivational conference can turn this around. This perfect storm of industrial apathy must be solved organically, driven locally through self-interest and sustainable value that increases profits.

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