Rely on your Core Team to Support Company Culture

For companies that are developing their Lean transformation, a key element for supporting the transformation is sharing information within the company, and engaging employees.  Establishing a Core Team of representatives from different functional areas helps with that information sharing.  You should also rely on your core team to support company culture.

There are several steps to establishing this infrastructure properly.  Believe me, selecting the right employees to be representatives on the core team will help your business transformation immensely.

If you choose well, your transformation will excel and you can utilize these resources to have a positive impact on your company culture!

1.  Establish your Governance Team

Regardless if you have been on your Lean journey for years or if you are just beginning, establishing a governance team is key to success.  The Governance Team consists of leaders who affect the direction of the Lean transformation.

The Governance Team’s purpose is to establish the Lean Management System, develop the business KPI’s that will be tracked, support enterprise Value Stream Map development, and supply resources and support for the Lean and culture transformation.

2.  Establish a Core Team

The Core Team consists of representatives from the functional areas of the organization.  All the areas need to be represented.  A true Lean transformation affects every area of the business.

Core Team members share information with their functional areas.  They generate excitement about the transformation.  They represent their functional areas in joint meetings with the Governance Team.  They drive any Lean training required.  They act as subject matter experts for their areas in Value Stream Mapping events.

They work with their departments to identify and capture improvement opportunities.  They mature processes by developing standard work and training.  These important team members are your conduit to supporting your company culture.

3.  Use the core team to support the culture

Because the Core Team members have a huge influence on the success of the business transformation, they are the perfect resources to keep your company culture intact during these trying times.

Ask them to “take the temperature” of the group during monthly Core Team meetings. They can capture where employees are struggling.  Since they already have established meeting times with their functional team members, ask them to be a communication conduit about what is happening inside the company.

During their Core Team meetings, establish a time to talk about company culture and capture improvement opportunities.  Let them share small wins with their areas and capture small wins as well.

If you take these steps you can rely on your core team to support company culture!

As always, it is an honor to serve you, and I hope that you and your company are getting better every day!

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