Industry 4.0


IIoT in Industry 4.0

My guess is you are familiar with a Nest thermostat or a Ring doorbell.  Maybe your refrigerator lets you know when you are out of milk.  These devices are Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  IIoT devices will move beyond your home to the factory floor. IIoT or the Industrial Internet of Things is another key …

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Blockchain Technology- Coming Soon to a Supply Chain Near You

Blockchain technology will transform supply chains and will be here soon! As I mentioned in the original Industry 4.0 blog, nine enablers support Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing.  The nine enablers are listed below.  As the technology matures, more manufacturers will want to automate their supply chains.  To accomplish this, they will rely upon blockchain …

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Introducing Industry 4.0

In this blog, I want to introduce the concept of Industry 4.0 or sometimes referred to as Smart Manufacturing.  It is called industry 4.0 because it is the fourth Industrial Revolution. The first Industrial Revolution which started in 1784 brought about mechanization through steam and waterpower.  It is the first time that our lives took …

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